INTUITIVE DESIGN – an innovative concept

INTUITIVE DESIGN – team of architects, planners and interior designers specialised in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects. Our graphic artists can play with colors, add or remove objects, change proportions, and modify the image in a variety of ways.

Wall coverings design

Starting from any design in our collection, we can change, modify, resize, add different effects, redraw to obtain a perfect match.

  • Design to suit your room

  • Uncompromising individuality
  • Large selection of colors
  • Custom service on each design
  • Tailor-made production
  • Large amount of designs
  • Certified quality
  • Unique textures

Wall covering materials

Perfect as a decorative, durable and hygienic wall covering materials, with fine texture, for indoor walls and ceilings.

  • Easy to apply
  • Washable
  • Chemical products resistant

  • Anti-bacterial activity
  • Protected against moisture ingress
  • Can be re-painted several times
  • No addition of heavy metal compounds or formaldehyde
  • Unique textures

Segments – some examples: relaxation area, healthcare, residential, office, educational, reception.

Customized wallpaper design for walls. Intuitive Design collections.

Our design collections are basically unlimited. To create an image, let all your creativity flow. Choose a beautiful design, add your favorite quote and select a color similar to a color in the background from the color brochure.

ELEMENTS collection

Wallpapers and wallcoverings - Elements collection
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FOREVER YOUNG collection

Wallpapers and wallcoverings - Forever Young collection
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FROM NATURE collection

From Nature wallpapers prints collection
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