Art collection wallcoverings


Art collection of wallpapers and wallcoverings is a diverse collection art prints, reproductions, to ink drawings, natural elements, geometric and abstract patterns.

Each one has its own personality and gives off a unique vibe. It suggests the idea that even when we’re busy creating, something is creating us.

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Wallpaper and wallcoverings collections


Woven wallpapers prints collection

WOVEN collection

The interesting dynamic of all of the shapes paired with the color scheme here keeps the message light and carefree.

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Digital collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

DIGITAL collection

Wallpaper and wallcovering collection with futuristic, scientific, tech, geek, IT office, Sci-Fi patterns inspired from writing code, computer circuits, neuronal networks, artificial intelligence.

While the design itself is inspiring, the color in the background is undoubtedly powerful.

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Dry Erase collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

DRY ERASE collection

The colors are incredibly simple and bright (almost strictly a primary color palette), yet still convey the message in an unjuvenile way.

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Elements collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

ELEMENTS collection

Wallpapers and wallcoverings collection with abstract, geometric patterns: 2D graphic patterns of shapes arranged in a mathematical algorithm.

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From Nature wallpapers prints collection by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FROM NATURE collection

An organic, dreamy, exotic wallpaper for walls collection: natural elements, figurative and abstract that represent either moods from nature, or particular elements or forces, light or heavy.

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Forever Young collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FOREVER YOUNG collection

Kid-friendly patterns, featuring building, blocks, animals and more as well as elegant dots and stars designs that play with texture and material such as quilted fabrics, concrete, tin and brick.

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