Elements collection wallcoverings


Wallpapers and wallcoverings collection with abstract, geometric patterns: 2D graphic patterns of shapes arranged in a mathematical algorithm.

The repetitive pattern in this collection is strangely intriguing. The color variants within each design helps add dimension ,where regular color could fall flat.

Creates an interesting overlap that adds in a lot of dimension.

It creates balance with the calming shapes, and makes it feel relaxing, laid back and somewhat tribal.

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Wallpaper and wallcoverings collections


From Nature wallpapers prints collection by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FROM NATURE collection

An organic, dreamy, exotic wallpaper for walls collection: natural elements, figurative and abstract that represent either moods from nature, or particular elements or forces, light or heavy.

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Digital collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

DIGITAL collection

Wallpaper and wallcovering collection with futuristic, scientific, tech, geek, IT office, Sci-Fi patterns inspired from writing code, computer circuits, neuronal networks, artificial intelligence.

While the design itself is inspiring, the color in the background is undoubtedly powerful.

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Dry Erase collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

DRY ERASE collection

The colors are incredibly simple and bright (almost strictly a primary color palette), yet still convey the message in an unjuvenile way.

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Forever Young collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FOREVER YOUNG collection

Playful, happy, funky, uplifting, childish wallpapers and wallcoverings: a collection of patterns that are best suited for children, teenagers, young adults, in bright colors and funky shapes.

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Three Dimensions wallpapers prints collection by INTUITIVE DESIGN


3D effect wallpaper will trick the eye but delight the viewer by creating the illusion of more space. You can easily add depth and intrigue to any room byusing graphic 3D wallpaper.

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Woven collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

WOVEN collection

The interesting dynamic of all of the shapes paired with the color scheme here keeps the message light and carefree.

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