Forever Young collection wallcoverings


Playful, happy, funky, uplifting, childish wallpapers and wallcoverings: a collection of patterns that are best suited for children, teenagers, young adults, in bright colors and funky shapes.

The simple shapes and coloring of this collection make it clean and structured, but still with an air of playfulness.

Kid-friendly patterns, featuring building, blocks, animals and more as well as elegant dots and stars designs that play with texture and material such as quilted fabrics, concrete, tin and brick.

This collection is bright and cheery, provide a happy pop of color, and the soft background brings in lovely warmth.

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Wallpaper and wallcoverings collections


From Nature wallpapers prints collection by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FROM NATURE collection

From Nature wallpapers and wallcoverings collection is a reminder that somethimes we do need to disconnect every now and then, meaning that we shouldn’t let technology remove us from our traditional roots.

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Digital collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

DIGITAL collection

Wallpaper and wallcovering collection with futuristic, scientific, tech, geek, IT office, Sci-Fi patterns inspired from writing code, computer circuits, neuronal networks, artificial intelligence.

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Dry Erase collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

DRY ERASE collection

The colors are incredibly simple and bright (almost strictly a primary color palette), yet still convey the message in an unjuvenile way.

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Elements collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

ELEMENTS collection

Wallpapers and wallcoverings collection with abstract, geometric patterns: 2D graphic patterns of shapes arranged in a mathematical algorithm.

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Art collection of wallpapers and wallcoverings

ART collection

Art collection of wallpapers and wallcoverings is a diverse collection art prints, reproductions, to ink drawings, natural elements, geometric and abstract patterns.

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Polygonal collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

POLYGONAL collection

Modern wallpaper designs collection: irregular, polygonal, futuristic, geometric, abstract shapes, 3D optical illusions. The display of all the lines provide a nice contrast with the simple background.

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