Polygonal, modern wallpaper designs for walls


Modern wallpaper designs collection: irregular, polygonal, futuristic, geometric, abstract shapes, 3D optical illusions.

  • Brings a sense of peace, yet it is unclear why they are arranged in this way.
  • The display of all the lines provide a nice contrast with the simple background.
  • It alludes to the idea of being present in the moment, even if everything around you is a blur.

The imagery in Polygonal wallpaper for walls collection is both soothing and enigmatic.

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Wallpapers and wallcoverings collections


Patch collection of wallpapers and wallcoverings

PATCH collection

This features a number of images collaged together, gives the wallpaper a retro vibe, but the harsh link of the shapes helps to bring it in to the modern world. Even though they’re different, they feel as if they all belong.

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Mosaic collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

MOSAIC collection

Customized wallpaper prints with vintage, arabesque, classic, retro, bohemian patterns. Mosaic tiles effect reflect light beautifully and add a girly touch.

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Linear collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

LINEAR collection

Linear customized wallpaper prints collection uses different shapes of varying line weights to create a geometrically patterned composition.

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Geometry collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

GEOMETRY collection

Geometry wallpapers prints collection takes a simple idea and amplifies it. Is easy on the eye, and is pleasant to look at. Polygonal, abstract collection of wallpapers prints: 2D geometric shapes and patterns.

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From Nature wallpapers prints collection by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FROM NATURE collection

An organic, dreamy, exotic wallpaper for walls collection: natural elements, figurative and abstract that represent either moods from nature, or particular elements or forces, light or heavy.

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Forever Young collection wallcoverings by INTUITIVE DESIGN

FOREVER YOUNG collection

Kid-friendly patterns, featuring building, blocks, animals and more as well as elegant dots and stars designs that play with texture and material such as quilted fabrics, concrete, tin and brick.

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