Woven Large, paper wallcoverings material

Extremely structurally stable and insensitive to pressure due to three layers of paper.

There are no problems associated with the disposal, as the natural raw materials are automatically returned to the ecosystem.

Features / Benefits

  • Can be re-painted several times with commercially available paints Free of PVC, plasticizers and solvents;

  • Its water vapor permeability corresponds to a diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness of approx. 0.16 m;
  • No addition of heavy metal compounds or formaldehyde.


  • Events
  • Interior Design
  • Wall Graphics
  • Hospitality
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Technical properties

  • Total weight 300 gsm;

  • Substrate Type: Paper PVC;

  • Thickness: 0.41 mm;

  • Lightfastness: depends on decorative coatings;
  • Fire Performance euro classification EN 13501-1: B-s1, d0;
  • Impact Resistance En259: Pass

  • Available widths x lengths: 530mm x 10.05m

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